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Storytelling is first and foremost about the power of words.

I launched Bthe1, my own storytelling agency, in 2014. Since then, through my words, I have been crafting stories that matter, taking people on journeys that connect them with emotions and engage them with ideas, products and brand environments.

My work is all about words, whether one or two, tens or thousands. It is limitless and can range from claims to statements, from brand manifestos to voice overs, from travel diaries to books, from press content to captivating captions for Instagram stories.

I create inspirational storytelling for watchmaking, jewelry, perfumery, fashion, sports, travel, haute cuisine, architecture and art. My writing is nurtured by the wealth of sensations and emotions generated by these various worlds.

I am a native French speaker who writes in French and English. I love stories, especially the kind that bring people closer. When I write for a brand or a product, I always need to find that special link with human beings, which is why I love writing about people so much.

I have gained my luxury culture while driving the communications and marketing of top tier luxury brands for almost 15 years. Throughout those years, my words have shaped all the written content of the brands I have worked for.

Once, while I was explaining to my daughter what my work was, she asked me why I was not writing for children too.
This wish turned into a dream that has become a reality thanks to my first children’s book, an ecological and educational tale.

So the stories I shape are limitless, as long as there are words.
What might be your next story told through my words ?


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